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jersey not too far from atlantic city at about 8:00 p.m., sustained winds of 80 miles per hour, that's hurricane force, folks. and hurricane-force winds extended up to 175 miles from the center of the storm. tropical force storm winds spread out 485 miles from the center, a 13-foot storm surge flooded battery park city in lower manhattan and that broke a record that had been set in 1821. records were shattered in sandy hook, new jersey, where tide levels also topped 13 feet. the metropolitan transportation authority is calling this the worst disaster in the 108-year history of the new york subway system, and the flooding isn't over. hundreds of people are being evacuated this morning after a tidal gate broke in northern new jersey flooding three towns there. the national weather service says the potomac river is likely to experience its worst floods in 16 years beginning tonight. the flooding is expected between hancock, maryland, and washington, d.c. flood waters along the new york city coastline made it difficult for first responders to reach a massive six-alarm fire which began ov
and preemptive closings of schools, businesses and rail lines from washington to new york city. >>> the very serious storm is causing major changes for presidential campaign plans. with just eight days to go, what does it mean for early voting? governor romney's recent momentum and president obama's chance to look presidential in this final week. >>> one state already feeling the direct effect of the storm is right here just outside of us in virginia today. we're breaking down the recent success for democrats in the old dominion and what are the president's chances to do it again? good morning from a very rainy washington. it's monday, october 29th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. and it's this. a massive category 1 storm, but it's a large one. and it's bearing down on the east coast just eight days before the election. nearly 60 million people are in hurricane sandy's path one way or the other. and it stretches more than 800 miles from north carolina to maine. and as sandy barrels towards the east coast, it is already brin
may be some normalcy as millions attempt to put the pieces back together. this hour new york city mayor michael bloomberg will ring the opening bell at the new york stock exchange which plans to be fully operational despite blackouts and flooding in lower manhattan. two of the area's major airports, jfk and newark in new jersey have opened with some limited service this morning. but new york's laguardia airport remains closed after major flooding. overall, nearly 19,000 flights canceled since sunday. the presidential campaign is resuming sort of. while the president will spend one more day off the trail focused on sandy re0 covery efforts, governor romney will be back on the trail full time today. he has a packed campaign schedule in florida. hurricane sandy has left at least 46 people dead. early estimates puts the cost of the storm at a staggering $50 billion in damage and lost business. crews are working over time to restore power to 17 affected states, believe it or not. still, there's over 6 billion homes and businesses without power right now. new york city's 108-year-old su
, the four candidates will have made ten stops in nine ohio cities since monday. i guess it means it's about ohio. with me now, on behalf of the obama campaign, ohio's former democratic governor, ted strickland. governor strickland, you were in a very tight race in 2010. give me the sense -- share with me how things felt to you this point in time, 12 days before the election compared to how you feel right now, the president's chances in ohio. >> day and night. we are in good shape here in ohio in terms of the president's re-election. it's going to be tight. all of the polls have shown that it's about a five-point race. i think ohio is going to stay with the president. the president has been good for ohio. our unemployment rate is 7%. in large part because of the stimulus. the recovery act and the saving of the auto industry. ohioans understand that. it's going to be close, ohio is going to be in the obama column and i think that's going to make it very, very difficult for governor romney to win this election. >> where are you most concerned about the president underperforming? >> well, of co
new york city 21 days until election day, a few miles away from the debate site at hofstra in long island, tuesday, october 16, 2012 this is the daily run down, ima chuck todd. get right to my first reads to of the morning. a decisive victory for either candidate tonight could create momentum tough for the other to stop before election day. for mitt romney, another debate win might mean he could break the president's stranglehold on states like ohio and wisconsin, making the foote 270 electoral vote a lot more realistic. for the president, a win could reset the race before the first debate when it looked like the president was becoming the heavy favorite a new pew poll shows a split on who has the upper hand. 41% expect the president will win, 37% pick romney, a stark contrast from before the first debate. both candidates spent monday behind closed doors as they finished up debate prep with their wives instead weighing in. >> mitt's prepared. mitt's confident. mitt has a presence about him and he is running because he believes in america. >> does he look to you for encouragement? >
on the u.s. senate. 33 people were killed in a series of suicide bombings in the syrian city of aleppo today. three explosions rocked the main square in the district. "new york times" reports the united states is getting ready to go after with the militants who carried out the deadly attack. the special operations command is preparing for orders. we have new numbers. in florida bill nelson double digit lead over republican congressman. in ohio democratic senator leads. and then the race for virginia's open senate seat tim kaine leads allen. at a detroit bookies backyard where jimmy hoffa is not buried. soil samples show no signs of human remains. >>> what happened on this stage in denver tonight can go a long way towards winning and losing this election. today we look back at the good, the bad and the awkward. we start with this head scratcher from gerald ford, one that helped seal his fate. >> there is no soviet domination of eastern europe and there never will be under a ford administration. >> there already had been at the time. although ford tried to back track later the damage had
york city. it's 20 days until election day and it's wednesday, october 17th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown" and i'm chuck todd. if you like your debate scrappy, which two candidates don't seem to like and maybe respect each other too much, governor romney and president obama delivered big time. the two candidates debated as if both of their political careers depended on it because well, they do. from the start, it was confrontational, petty, you name it as the two men literally circled each other like boxers in the ring. >> not true, governor romney. >> by how much did you cut them by? how much did you cut federal license on federal waters? >> governor romney, here's what we did. there were a whole bunch of oil -- >> do you want me to answer a question? i'm happy to answer the question. >> all right. and it is -- mr. president, have you looked at your pension? mr. president, have you looked at your pension? >> you know, i don't look at my pension. it's not as big as yours so it doesn't take that long. >> there's a clear contrast between the civility of the first debate. president o
is a perfect example. last night the city council here voted into authorizing selling the mineral rights so that there could be oil and natural gas drilling on public property here in the city of youngstown. that's why we're in front of this abandoned house. they want to take the money they'd get from selling those mineral rights and royalties for whatever oil and natural gas is under youngstown property in order to pay for tearing down abandoned houses. that's just one example. you go throughout this state and what you see are a number of fracking wells. right now there's just under 100 here in the state of ohio but that's exploding in terms of how many we're going to see. by the end of next year, it will be at least 850. in terms of the jobs impact, chuck, we are looking at about 2,000 jobs that have been brought to ohio related to the fracking industry. there are some estimates that when you look well into the future, you're looking at 250,000 jobs that could be added in ohio, pennsylvania, this entire region. not just ohio, but the entire region as they tap in to the utica reserve. that
. rebels have launch add massive attack in the country's largest city, aleppo, in what they call a decisive batter. the sook al medina, the site was burned to ashes. they showed us bombed out buildings and told us he's frustrated by the government war plains. he said if the world warned know fly zone, this 18-month-old war would be over in two days. so far there is no end in sight, and while many fear this could become a wider regional conflict, they're predicting as many as 700,000 refugees could flee syria by the end of this year. meantime a human rights wash is documenting the yaus of rain and torture as weapons in this war and it has called for an international investigation into possible crimes against humanity in syria. chuck, back to you. >> ann curry at the turkish/syrian border. nc is covering this at the brinkings if you will, from afghanistan where we've been on the scene for years to what's been going on to of course the civil war in syria. folks, all the foreign policy questions, we haven't even got on the the relationship with russia. the focus on china and asia, and, oh, by t
ended abbankruruptly ended with. >> the best thing to fight crime in inner cities is to -- >> you can do all that by cutting taxes, with a big tax cut? >> those are your words, not mine, thank you very much sir. >> that was kind of strange. >> the campaign that was michael steele the press secretary was putting a white paper in front of the camera. the reporter knew he was already well over the allotted time to the interview when he decided to ask a weird question. ryan spongded as anyone would in such a situation, when you do nearly 12 hung interviews in a couple of months, eventually you're going to see a local reporter embarrass himself. >>> romney will take questions on thursday night at the winter green resort in virginia where he even did debate prep on an indoor tennis court we're told. he's in florida for more debate prep. >> joe biden is one of the best debaters we have seen in modern politics, he's been doing this 40 years, he ran for president twice and for vice president. this is my first time on a substantial stage. >> ryan is reviewing biden's 2004 debate with sarah palin.
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forbid a thousand times while we were gather here tonight two american cities had been hit by terrorists and further learned it had been the work of al qaeda, how would you change the u.s. military stance overseas as a result? >> the first we'd have to do is make sure we have an effective emergency response. something that this administration failed to do when he had a hurricane in new orleans. and i think we have to review how we operate in the event of not only a natural disaster, but also a terrorist attack. >> so he went emergency response, katrina, fema. he tried to redeem himself by adding that enemies of the u.s. have to be hunted down. the breakthrough came through the 14th primary face-off when asking hillary clinton about eliot spitzer's plan to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. >> do you support his plan? >> tim, this is where everybody plays gotcha. it makes a lot of sense. what is the governor supposed to do? he's dealing with a serious problem. >> i was confused on senator clinton's answer. i can't tell whether she was for it or against it. parts of leadership i
himself and the mile high city with much more fiery talk than anything we heard from him at the actual debate. but is the president's tough talk too little too late? good morning from washington. it's friday, october 5th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. we'll have much more on the new jobs numbers in minutes with economist mark zandi, texas senator kay bailey hutchison is here, and an exclusive this morning senior adviser to the president david plouffe. but first right to my first reads of the morning. we'll hear from the obama and romney campaigns on the jobs numbers. i'm sure a ton on the campaign trail. they're in the big three battleground states at some point shadowing each other yet again this morning in the old dominion and the president hits cleveland, ohio while romney goes to an evening rally at st. pete in st. petersburg, florida. last night a very confident mitt romney and paul ryan whipped up their base in rural virginia and as much as the romney campaign is determined not to cloak their actual fireworks it wasn't exactly subtle. >> last night was an imp
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, it would be 1.6 million americans, enough to fill the city of detroit. >> mondale fired back, calling dole a hatchet man. but it's not all one-lipers and zingers. sometimes the vp debates are more friendly than fierce. in 1996, al gore used a bit of self-depositi self depositirecating humor to jam kemp off his game. >> i'll start by offering you a deal, jack. if you won't use any football stories, i won't tell any of my warm and humorous stories about fluorocarbon abatement. >> and they were down right chummy on stage back in 2000 here in danville. >> i too want to avoid any personal attacks. i promise not to bring up your singing. >> i promise not to sing. >> stakes are a lot higher tonight than in any past vp depates. we'll have to wait and see why it will be remembered for last gaffes, a game changer, or like the first ever televised vp debate, a nasty one. we'll get our political panel's take on what to expect tonight. they'll join me next from right here at center college. first, i could use some soup today. it is chilly up here. speaking of chili, that's the soup of the day. white ch
charity dinner in new york city. at moments they were self-deprecating. >> a campaign can can require a lot of wardrobe changes. blue jeans in the morning perhaps. a suit for a lunch fund-raiser. a sports coat for dinner. it's nice to finally relax and to wear what ann and i wear around the house. >> this is the third time that governor romney and i have met recently. as some of you may have noticed, i had a lot more energy in our second debate. i felt really well rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. >> but self-deprecation aside the two men attempted to score humorous political points. >> in the spirit of "sesame street" the president's remarks are brought to you by the letter "o" and the number 16 trillion. >> earlier today i went shopping at some stores in midtown. i understand governor romney went shopping for some stores in midtown. >> as president obama surp vas the waldorf banquet room with everyone in white tie and finery, you have to wonder what he's thinking. so little time, so much to redistribute. >> the world affairs are a challenge for every candidat
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when he health to the biggest little city in the afternoon, reno, nevada. bay buchanan, senior adviser to the romney campaign and joins me now. before we get to that, i want to get your -- comment here on the senate candidate, republican from indiana, richard mourdock, who said this last night at a debate. >> i believe that life begins at conception. the only exception i have for -- to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i just -- i struggled with it myself for a long time. i came to realize life is a gift from god. and i think that even with -- when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is -- something that god intended to happen. >> does the romney campaign believe god intends rape? >> absolutely not. and -- i believe our campaign has already put out a clear statement. the governor has positioned -- long standing, he believes that -- against abortion except in cases of rape and incest. and life of the mother. and that's been his position for a long time now. he's been very consistent about that. and he disagrees entirely with what the senate
huge wins around the cities which is normal but also threw out the iron part of the state. just a dominance there. two years later look at the map, president won ohio, he beat john mccain but he lost a number of those counties that sherrod brown had won. you can see a lot more red in the center in the eastern part of the state so the question this year, can brown overperform in some of those counties, regain some of that former '06 or see more of a partisan map like the 2008 win or a smaller one that some might expect in 2012 in that shrinking territory? now to virginia. republican george allen is battling tim kaine there. handful of counties all in the d.c. suburbs. loudon county, home of manassas and prince william. go back to 2000. george allen was elected. >> when president obama ran in 2008 he won those three by more than 140,000 votes combined. if allen craig can repeat his victories in loudon and prince william and hold down caine, he'll have the edge and tommy thompson and timmy baldwin in a tight race. a state president obama won by double digits in 2008. but when repub
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)